Damrex Records is a record label founded in 2018 by Damen (Duprie) Dume and Rex Mukete. As a multi-national record label, our mission is to further improve the representation of African music on a global scale. With the future of African music as our primary focus, Damrex Records is committed to living up to its standards as a source of professionalism and quality in the music industry for Afro-music, commonly as well as other genres worldwide.

Our commitment to provide a continuous stream of top quality music is not just for the express purpose of enhancing and encouraging talented young Africans in music and the entertainment industry but also to further improve on the global audience that a few African artists are already commanding with their creativity. We strongly believe that the strengthening of this bridge will not only better represent the African continent to the rest of the world but will also enhance the creative abilities of future African artists through worldwide collaborations.  

At Damrex Records, we pride ourselves to our commitment to take African music to an even higher level. This concept which has been the basis of our label’s operating standards since its inception in July of 2018, remains a part of our mission to deliver the best music in both quality and content throughout the African continent and the world at large. Our team of extremely talented and highly experienced staff and partners consisting of established singers, songwriters producers, directors, legal and industry executives with over 10 years of experience outlines a fraction of the limitless resources we have established to re-affirm our commitment to our goals and the future of our label.

We are honored to have you as a part of what we are anticipating to be an amazing journey and as always, your continuous support and feedback throughout this journey will be critical to every decision that will determine the future of Damrex Records moving forward. Damrex records is a subsidiary of Damrex; an American sportswear company.